There is a time for war and a time for peace.

Ecclesiastes 3:8



There comes a point in time where enough is enough. You want to see change and you know this holy discontent is from God.You’re not the only one.Whatever has arrested your attention, you have a role to play in it. Each of us decides whether we stand up and make our one life count. We either stand up for the people God has called us to or we stand down from that mission. It’s your choice.

By choosing Leadership College, you are choosing to follow that desire and develop the skill set to build what you see. Join us, find yourself and start a war.





Explore The Opportunities

We offer some incredible opportunities and we treat everyone like an individual. As you step up to the challenge, we cater for and support you through the entire process. Explore the options we offer and the opportunities you have with us.



Our Team Are Passionate & Experienced Practitioners


Dave Belfield

Senior Leader, Today's Community Church
My desire is to see leaders released to be all they can be. This is an authentic environment in which to experience this.

Ben Tarbuck

Campus Leader & Principal, Today's Community Church
Give God a year of your life. You’ll discover the real you and a very real God. You have one life, don’t waste it on delay or doubt.
Kathryn B

Kathryn Burrell

Every year we see students grow and find their voices.


Chevon Taylor

Our students flourish in this year of personal development.


Rachel Calland

Engage with God and His mission, grow in boldness and grit.


What You Walk Away With

The first year of Leadership College gives you a ground-breaking foundation from which to build your future from. Spread over three days a week, students experience highly individualised studies, hands-on practical work experience and space to minister to others in a church context.

30+ weeks of leadership training from our best leaders, as well as practical work experience in Today's Community Church and The Edge (concert & conference venue).

Recognition from Today's Community Church of your achievement at the point of graduation. We also provide detailed references and evidence to use when applying for further education or work.

Network with leaders from all over Europe on the Building Church Academy and receive training from some of the UK's most influential church builders.

Take time off on The Hike, which is a spiritual retreat in the UK's Lake District, and travel to mainland Europe to invest into partnered local communities.

Each study day is a varied mixture of lecture, think tank, interviews and personal presentations. Students also have plenty of self-study time to explore the elements they are passionate about. Short conferences, training events, international travel and The Hike all confluence to create strategic exposure to new learning and new cultures.

Gain access and learning from dozen experts in management and organisational leadership. These include professionals from tech start-ups, public sector health care, church planting movements and commercial business.

Second year students gain close proximity to the staff team at The Edge and Today's Community Church. Collaborating on high-level projects and released to work on their own initiatives that last beyond their final year.

Each second year student walks away with a portfolio created by the college which highlights the journey, assignment, a detailed curriculum outline and copies of relevant presentations. They also receive letters of recommendation and a certificate of completion.


What You Walk Away With

Second Year provides an answer where other training streams are too distant, too theory based or too expensive. Students study in-depth topics like building a healthy staff team, ethics in leadership and practical growth management. They also find the room to begin their own initiatives.


The Edge, Riveredge, Wigan, WN3 5AB, UK

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