One of our core aims is to see communities across the nation resourced with quality people to build where they live. It’s exciting to have churches partnered with us, both locally and internationally from the Czech Republic, and have their students equipped to practically serve in their own context.

Leadership College has never been about building an empire but about empowering leaders for life, wherever they are situated. After all, we can achieve for more together than we could ever do alone.

If you lead a church or Christian organisation, why not send students to study on Leadership College and then apply what they learn in your context? This tested and proven experience is designed to optimise the practical application of a students’ learning. Your students will not only gain maturity and grounding in theology, but you will have them two days per week on their Practical Day and Ministry Day.



There are limitations on every church or organisation; Leadership College makes the development of leaders accessible and achievable. One main reason for churches to shy away from working together is the fear that students will migrate or leave. We have seen and continue to see students study with us and go back to their home churches to serve their community vision. We take pride in this and we will continue to release leaders into the spheres are feel called to.



There are plenty of reasons to join forces but how will it actually work? Here are the four benefits of partnering together:

1. Financial Discount

By becoming a Partner, every student you send will receive a 15% discount from total cost of £1999. This means a saving of £300 per student. Go to the application page for payment details.

2. Regular Resources

You will receive a digital pack of resources each term to use in your context. This includes leadership training guides, book reviews, a message from one of the Leadership Team at TCC, a short report on your student(s) progress as well as an overview of the upcoming curriculum so that you are in the loop of what your student(s) are learning.

3. The Full Curriculum

Don’t forget your students will experience the full Leadership College curriculum and Building Church Academy. Not only do they gain academic knowledge, but they also have wider networking opportunities with churches and leaders across the continent.

4. Two Full Days

If your organisation is local enough to travel to us, your student(s) will serve two days a week as part of their Practical Day and Ministry Day, providing both midweek and Sunday investment.



We would love to talk things through and answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in partnering together or simply want to enquire further, use the contact from below which goes straight to Ben Tarbuck, The Principal. We will be in touch shortly to see how we can partner up and see our regions impacted by our investment together.


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