Leaders don’t just imagine futures, they create them. This practical application lies at the heart of the Leadership College experience, which is why we provide ample opportunity for students to contribute and get behind-the-scenes at Today’s Community Church.

Each week, students will get hands-on in the context of their choosing, apply what is learned in the classroom and input into those they lead and the work they do. Plus, in order to give students the full behind-the-scenes experience of building church, they will be part of the wider organisation and calendar projects in the life of the community. From administration and corporate events, to Christmas celebrations and staff training, students will contribute to the wider work of this growing organisation.

The ministry options open to students are based upon values and not tasks. As you know, our aim is to raise leaders, not just doers of tasks. By structuring options around values, students align themselves around the wider purpose of the movement. These values are:

• Developing cultures of mission and discipleship in the church
• Supporting and creating Community Groups
• Investing in practices of discipleship and mission (including storytelling and resourcing)

• Developing cultures of whole-life leadership in the church
• Supporting development streams
• Contributing to the work and resourcing of the church
• Growing by leading in every area of everyday life

• Working with Edge Conferencing on hires and hosting
• Supporting and investing in the Finance Ministry
• Working alongside our Community Engagement ministries (including C.A.P. Debt Centre or Greenhouse Community Centre)

• Organising and developing our Sunday gatherings and LIFT nights
• Investing in TCC Worship Ministry (including Band, Lighting Design, Sound or Visuals) or TCC Media (Video Editing or Graphic Design)
• Working alongside children in Live Free or Kids Church



Second Year is a tailor-made process and, upon application, areas to practically serve in will be discussed. It’s important that students are paired with the right ministries for them and identify where the greatest measure of impact can be made.

Chosen ministries will be based on a student’s overall aim for attending Second Year, their personal strengths and individual skill sets. This highly personal process means that each students has a totally individual opportunity to grow and develop in their unique setting.

There is so much to learn and so much to do in our growing movement and a full list for applying students will be accessible on application. Ministries that may be made available are as follows:

• Campus & Organisation
• Business & The Edge Campus
• Discipleship & Mission
• Leadership Development
• Church Gatherings
• Students Ministries
• TCC Worship & Media


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