Have you ever wanted to lead a church community, or start a business? Do you desire to work in full time paid Christian ministry or innovate something significant for the Kingdom of God? This is for you. Find the advanced training and apprenticeship you need to succeed.


Do you desire to create something significant for the Kingdom of God? Maybe you have a vision to launch a business, develop initiatives in the public sector or maybe you desire to plant and lead church? Second Year creates an opportunity to gain the necessary skills to get your vision off the ground and continue to lead the way as you build it.

Our heart is to see Kingdom focused businesses, charities, churches and organisations bring immeasurable change at the centres of industry and culture. But entrepreneurs and budding leaders face a dilemma: how do they access the type of training they need to achieve this? Second Year couples study with apprenticing so students not only grow in knowledge but also in the understanding as they work alongside leaders already building significant initiatives.


We are developing a robust and strong syllabus so that students learn the theory and theology of leadership. Couple this with the practical leading that students perform, creates a rounded experience which sets them up for the next season. We want to see future church innovators grow through Second Year and transform the contexts they plant communities!

On Second Year we pour our best into our students and commit to their develop through individualised ministry training, mentoring and organisational-wide exposure. This also means a greater proximity to our Leadership Team and the Ministry Heads that shape our movement.

Students will walk through a tailor-made curriculum, work alongside those in senior church leadership and business, travel with our team as they invest in communities overseas and continue to develop their personal vision of what God is calling them to do. Todays Community Church is providing the perfect opportunity to refine leadership skills, develop deep personal values, and understand how a thriving organisation and church community works and grows. This could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for, this could be the start of something significant for your location or nation.

This could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for, this could be the start of something you significant for your location or nation. Read our online prospectus or apply today.

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