Leadership College is a ten month, innovative experience that trains people and practically equips them to be front-runners in their career or calling. Every individual has the ability to become a leader in life. This includes leading at work, at home, in church, business and in any other environment God places them. Here at Leadership College, we help bring out the greatness that is already latent within people, we help them to see it for themselves and learn how to harness it for God’s future plans for them.

This is our commitment, to help release that potential and produce the next generation of innovators and influencers. That’s why you may hear us talk about developing leaders for life.



If you yearn to become more, no matter your age or life-stage, and you’re looking for adventure then Leadership College is for you. Your year with us includes our outstanding leadership development curriculum, hands-on work with people and projects, overseas European travel, specialised ministry training and proximity to a rapidly growing church community. You’ll also complete Building Church Academy who deliver excellent training in church leadership & theology. It’s a full package!

Give a year to your personal growth and watch God set you up to lead in the career or field your aiming for. Give a year to reflect on your life so far and re-purpose it for greater gains in the future. Give a year to recognise the strengths you have and gifts you bring to the table in this culture. Give a year of life to God and watch Him work wonders in your life to come. We welcome every student who’s willing to give a year to God and has a passion to bring about change in this world.

Please walk through our website and dive into our online prospectus for a more detailed picture. If you’d like to know more about our context or story, visit our websites: Today’s Community Church or The Edge.


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