International Travel

This year, both Year One and Year Two will have the opportunity to travel to the Czech Republic to invest in some of our partner churches and their local communities. This immersive, week-long trip means getting hands-on with physical work, organising local events, meeting new people and the chance to
network with likeminded people.

Second Year students will take more of an active role in refining their communication and organisational skills, not to mention the opportunity to serve and make a difference in a new place.

There is plenty of recreational time for students to do sightseeing and explore. Costs will be covered in the tuition fee (students require a valid passport, visa and relevant travel documents to participate).

The Hike

For First Year Students, The Hike is a chance to reflect on their time at Leadership College and plan towards what is next for them. This time away creates a stake in the ground and helps students to reorientate their future years around God’s purpose for them.

For Second Year Students, this is an opportunity to look ahead and plan for what their future could look like after their time at Leadership College. Students will design their own strategy and ask the right questions about what it is they want to see and how they can bring impact for the cause of Christ.

The Hike takes place in the dramatic landscape of the Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its mountains and lakelands. The National Park provides a stunning backdrop to a significant end of the academic year.

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