Raising Leaders For Life

Every sphere of life requires authentic leadership. Whether in the home, marketplace, or in education, God invites us to be a part of something significant where we are now. We don’t have to be in a perfect situation to advance, God will use what is in our hands in the present day.

The first year of Leadership College gives you a strong foundation to build on. Our greatest offering is an environment of people who are values-driven and passionate about the Kingdom of God and His church.

Spread over three days weekly (18 hours each week), students experience individualised studies, hands-on practical work experience and space to serve others using their gifts and skills.

Building Church Academy

Students also have an option to access to Building Church Academy as an added bolt-on to their tuition fees. BCA compliments the College experience well, providing lectures, discussions and workshops led by some of the UK’s most respected leaders and communicators. Upon application, the extra cost of BCA will be announced but this is now an optional extra if students desire this.

International Travel

We are passionate about our students being exposed to diverse backgrounds and experiencing the global church in all its forms. Both first and second year students travel to the Czech Republic to invest into some of our partner churches to experience and understand how God is working in a different context in Europe.

The Staff Team

Students on Leadership College are adopted into the staff environment, which is often the most impactful sphere for them as they learn and join us on our mission. They are not only privy to exclusive training sessions, but have the chance to be a part of a dynamic team at the heart of a dedicated community.

The Study Day

Education can be a path to transformation. Raising and releasing leaders who can flourish across the spectrum of life is part of our heritage, and we’ve learned a lot about how this best works in real contexts. Study Day (each Wednesday) comprises of personal study time, research projects, controversial discussion clinics, and of course, an excellent curriculum.

Each of our first year students receive over 60 hours of input and guidance on a wide range of topics that reflect our value of developing well rounded, thinking leaders. First year students will learn:

Unit 1 | Leading in God
• Christian theology & doctrines
• Biblical & cultural studies
• Personal disciplines of devotion & discipleship

Unit 2 | Leading in Church
• Creating Christ-centered cultures
• Ecclesiology & contextual transformation
• Being a multi-generational leader

Unit 3 | Leading in the World
• Public speaking and communication studies
• Missiology & personal goals
• How to develop teams & individuals

Unit 4 | Leading yourself
• Discovering personal strengths & handling finance well
• Managing mental health & emotional intelligence
• Uncovering the God-given vision for your life

Practical & Ministry Day

Learning through immersion and not just in the classroom is a key component in all we do as Leadership College. We provide ample opportunity for students to get behind the scenes at Today’s Community Church and our campus, The Edge.

On Practical Day (each Tuesday), students will get hands on in the context of their choosing, apply what they discover in their study, and have the opportunity to experience leading others in real time. On Ministry Day (each Sunday), students are part of our main Gathering team who make it happen and lead the way in their chosen streams.

When the students make their preferred option, they are paired with one of our leaders and empowered to develop that area alongside them. The options span the breadth of the organisation and it is a great way to gain work experience:

Discipleship & Mission
Developing cultures where discipleship and mission are a part of our ordinary everyday lives, and creating resources and pathways to enable growth.

Leadership Development
Cultivating whole-life leaders through our pipelines and helping to grow people who can confidently lead in every sector.

Business & Community
Work alongside The Edge Conferencing, our Finance team or with local Community Engagement.

Gatherings & Environments
Developing Gatherings, join TCC Worship, or work directly with youth and children through Live Free and Kids Church.

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