Advanced Training In Leadership

At TCC, our heart is to see Kingdom focused individuals and organisations bring immeasurable change at the core of industries. Second Year provides an answer where other training streams are too distant, theory based or financially out of reach. Students not only learn tools for authentic and effective leadership, but are apprenticed through the year to see the power of these skills when used to serve others.

Because students are actively involved with the operations of The Edge and TCC’s day-to-day experiences, the proximity to our team and permission to develop personal projects means that this year creates more freedom to explore and flourish in a self-directed way.

If you have vision to start a business, develop initiatives, plant a church, or simply want to invest into your leadership and ability to serve people of all demographics and backgrounds, Second Year provides an intimate opportunity to establish a robust foundation.

Study Day

The study day for Year Two is a more flexible and varied plan than that of the first year. Each Wednesday, students have ample time to study, engage in meaningful conversation with classmates on their learning journey, and to connect with year one in related subjects.

Each study session is crafted individually to the year group and even the class size to ensure the best possible outcome for our students. The sessions are elongated and often allow for rich discussion and Q&A with the College teachers and guests. Students will experience different setting from week to week:

Original and pragmatic content taught by one of our team or guest speakers.

Think Tank
A workshop of leadership-based scenarios and an opportunity to problem-solve various challenges that they are likely to find themselves in over time.

Personal Presentation
Students present their studies and findings to a wider audience based on the work they have been doing in classes.

Part of second year students work is to interview existing leaders from different sectors, whether that be a tech company, public sector organisation, or someone who is well versed in church planting.

Because students learn the mechanics of leading in varied contexts such as organised church and business, they also encounter robust theology, cultural studies, practical strategies and organisational systems through the following topics:

Unit 1 | Discipleship & Mission
Growing communities with a missional purpose and strategies for sustainable growth.

Unit 2 | Leadership Development
Developing pipelines and understanding the crucial nature of building cultures so that leaders are multiplied and not just maintained.

Unit 3 | Leading Organisations
How to cast vision and cohesively build a staff base.

Unit 4 | Biblical Studies in Christian Leadership
Examining New Testament leaders, ethics in leadership and the theology of grace in leadership.

Practical & Ministry Day

Second year is a tailor made process, and upon application, areas to get practically involved in can be discussed. It’s important that students are paired with the right ministries for them and identify where their greatest contribution can be made.

Ministry Day happens as standard each Sunday, but the Practical Day is flexible and can be used to fit the needs of the individual student. Chosen ministries will be based on a student’s overall aim for attending their second year, their personal strengths and interests.

This highly personalised process means that each student has a bespoke path for growth and development in a unique setting. Ministries that can be made available are as follows:

• Campus & Organisational Leadership
• Business Management & Commerce
• Discipleship & Missional Development
• Church Gatherings & Corporate Environments
• Student Ministries
• TCC Worship & Live Production
• Communications: Online, Literature & Media

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