Leadership alone is not enough

In the Digital Age, we’re able to access, learn and get just about anything we desire. Working our way up the ladder so we can gain the comfort of life we think we deserve or have earned is more within reach than ever before. We can lead empires we’ve built and celebrate our wins, but with what motivation?

Leadership alone is not enough. In a culture that is loud and individualism reigns supreme, leadership can morph into an empty power play.  

We have hope in a better way. 

The greatest leader who walked this Earth, Jesus, was clear about who He was following and His posture as a servant. Without unchanging truth at its heart, leadership can become what the Apostle Paul described as ‘a clanging cymbal’ in 1 Corinthians. Our present world doesn’t need more noise, yet it cries out for bold, Christ-centred leaders who will follow Him, be changed by Him, and do the things He does. 


We hope you will join us on our adventure as we set a course of becoming leaders for life, with Jesus as our motivation.